Update – Due to the Travel Ban resulting from civil unrest in the country of Haiti, this excursion is postponed until a time when travel is possible.  Please Pray for the country of Haiti, as they navigate deep issues of poverty, corruption, inflation and the ability to help their people rise.


In March 2019 a construction team will travel to the island of La Gonave in Haiti to Raise another Roof.

You can see last year’s time lapse video of the roof replacement here:  Haiti Roof Project 2018

Our Community Development friends in Haiti are making a difference. Through the investment of WISH (West Indies Self Help) there is now local access to clean water, power for the local hospital, community programs for youth, and mentorship employment opportunities.

This year we are taking a team of workers to lead a roof replacement project on the WISH compound. Our team will partner with local workers to replace and expand this roof on one of the compound structures. In mid-March 2019, we will travel to Anse a Galet to fulfill this project.

We encourage you to be part of this project and to give generously as we “Raise the Roof.” All gifts given will directly support the work on the ground in Haiti. You can give online or at our weekend events. 

Our goal is $10,000 to cover the costs of materials and local labour. Join us as we invest in the long term development of this community in Haiti. Please note with your gift that you would like to support the “Raise the Roof Project.” Thanks for including this project in your giving.

To give online click “GIVE” in the Menu and mention “Haiti Project” in the memo line

To give by e-transfer send your gift to give@kschurch.ca  Please include “Haiti Project” in your memo line. (security answer: church)



Extra Info – UNREST IN HAITI – How does this impact the mission?

The recent unrest in Haiti has been in the news and may have raised some questions for you about the viability of the roof construction project we are coordinating for March 2019.

By now some of the facts on the ground may have made it to your hearing:

  • The violent unrest in Haiti is now well documented
  • The situation on the ground has created essential supply shortages
  • The organization we work with has followed the lead of some foreign embassies in removing their personnel from the country.
  • The situation is tragic and complicated for us to grasp
  • Currently there is a travel ban through the Canadian Office of Global Affairs related to Haiti travel

The situation is certainly quite fluid.  Things rise up quickly and can disappear just a quickly in Haiti.  This time has had a different feel to it.

In light of all this, we all have been asking essential questions about:

  • Security
  • Supplies

On the question of security,none of us can forecast where the country will be in a few weeks.  Any conversation about the impact on the infrastructure and the ability of the country to bounce back afterwards is merely conjecture at this point.  With regard to this issue, we are in a wait and see mode.

LaGonave is not currently in the crosshairs of any unrest.  If we could simply drop in and out of Anse a Galets the issue could be more easily resolved. The complication comes in the travel necessary from the airport in Port au Prince through to Anse a Galets.

On the question of supplies, the construction material that needs to be locally acquired is available and ready for the project to be completed.  The challenge is the flow of fuel and food to sustain the construction team coming into the country.  We certainly do not wish to be a burden in a time of recovery.

As of Feb 21, 2019, we are continuing to prepare the necessary details of the trip.  The funds and supplies can and will be held in trust until such time as the project can be safely completed.  Our timing may have to flex to wait for the calm needed to lift travel bans and navigate the country wisely.  On these issues we will follow the lead of our agencies who help us coordinate local details.

Our hearts break for the situation on the ground that has incited this ongoing tragedy.

Together we are trusting and believing that God will prevail through the chaos and be counted on for meaningful order and progress that will assist the people of Haiti.