The images are disturbing.  The devastation from Hurricane Dorian has disappeared from our news cycle, but the day to day issues in the Bahamas remain.

We have been asked to participate as a rebuild team to Bahamas this coming year.  We are preparing to be part of the post-relief and early reconstruction efforts in early February 2020.

Details on the ground are still emerging and the situation is fluid.  Our efforts are on projects coordinated through our humanitarian agency World Hope.  

The focus of the project will be in 2 locations, Freeport and 8 Mile Rock, Bahamas.  We will be partnering with other groups to share the job of reconstruction.  As one group finishes its available time for work, the next group will pick up the project and advance it for the time they are on site. 

Our efforts may involve some clean up, damage assessment as well as construction.  As we partner with World Hope, our goal is to help local people and give a hand up in the process sorting through the many layers of reconstruction.

If you would like to be part of the process as a donor, you can give through Kingston Standard Church to Mission 2020. 

Click HERE to explore the options available for giving.

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The focus of giving at our Christmas Banquet as well as any gifts received on Christmas Eve will be included in this upcoming project.