Many of us are asking the question – :”What’s next?”  We recognize that things have undergone cataclysmic shifts even in the last few days.

As a church we are seeking to create some stability in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

As a group we will be putting all public events and rentals on hold until further notice.

We will be creating venues to connect online on our YouTube Channel and through our Facebook Page.

Here is a starting point of some of the ways we are answering our “What’s Next?” question here.  The resources mentioned here are also links to connect.

  • Web Weekends – to encourage home based worship will be posted on our YouTube Channel and our Facebook Page beginning with March 22, 2020.
  • Kids Ministry Posts – are coming daily through our Cabin Kids Facebook Page
  • Engage with our Facebook page for updates.
  • RightNow Media is a partner subscription we open to all for encouragement in faith discussions, kids resources and many other options to connect and grow in your faith while in this time of quarantine.
    • To engage with RightNow Media
      • Share an email address with us so we can have RightNow Media send you an invite.
      • Sign in and engage with the content as well as directed content through our Kingston Standard Church channel on RightNow’s menu. (This will only be available after you sign in)
  • E-Bulletin – is a resource to get weekly updates on activity and ministry opportunities throughout this season.
  • E-give – the links help you locate the part of our website that explains options such as e-transfer, online transactions and mail in options as well.

This is our starting point.  As this season unfolds we will continue to discover ways to engage with God and each other.

Let me join the many voices encouraging you to continue to care of each other, your family and neighbours.  This is a critical time to share and invest in the people God has brought around you.

We don’t have all the answers for the “What’s Next?” question.  Many of those things are out of our hands.  But our response and the calm we bring as people who choose to trust God in the midst of each day will help us look beyond ourselves and to what God may want to do around us in this time.