We are coming into Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter.  No one could have imagined we would be sharing these times at home in a quarantine.  As the moments in our world continue to swirl around us we find ourselves curiously confident of God’s work in this time.  Many of us have heard the term “Holy Week.”  This special week we observe was filled with unexpected moments and peril.  It would seem that everything was great, then it wasn’t and then in a revolutionary way things were actually better than ever!

Our leaders are sharing with us that we may be entering a dark time in the life of this challenging disease.  We all have questions that we know don’t have answers right now and we would love a level of certainty with timelines and plans.  The question I hear often is “How much longer until this is over?”  

Let me encourage you to consider the ups and downs of Holy Week, and instead to ask the question – “What is God up to?“and “How can I be part of His activity?

The options to help our neighbours and friends in this time is unparalleled.  The moment to care for people who are completely alone, or single parents alone with kids gives us creative opportunities to follow the quarantine guidelines and to invest in people.  Perhaps there are 5 houses on your street that you can specifically call, pray with, assist with errands, or see some other creative opportunity to care.

God has given us a moment in time to look beyond ourselves and see the needs around us.  Would we have noticed in the midst of our regular routines?

Take one practical step right now and follow through on that thing you’ve been intending to do for a while.  – Maybe you’ll discover in the process, that God is up to something in you!

On Good Friday there will be the opportunity to participate in communion at home with your family.  This will be at the end of the Good Friday Edition of the Podcast for those who wish to take part.  Rob will be providing more details, but you’ll need bread and juice.


  • We are continuing to connect with a Web Weekend Podcast.
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  • Our Kids Ministry is continuing to post daily home based activities for families
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  • We are receiving volunteers to deal with errands or grocery runs for those who are among the vulnerable or isolated in our midst.
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  • With a projection of a longer time of quarantine, you can connect to remain consistent in giving.
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