Easter has such a huge contrast of moments.

Good Friday is a bleak moment, a time where all seem hopeless.

Easter Morning is a power filled moment of excitement and fresh hope.

At times I’ve tried to imagine the crazy ride this week and the weekend would have been for anyone living it in real time.  How did the disciples keep it all sorted out?  The contrast of ups and downs all in the span of just a few days.  It is truly mind bending.

“Wait a minute, the Passover is not just about Israel’s Exodus?”

“Wait a minute, Jesus was a hero, now they hate Him?”

“Wait a minute, the guy we trusted was a traitor?”

“Wait a minute, Jesus was dead!  Now He’s not dead?”

When we look back on completed moments, it’s so much easier to understand the larger picture.  We’ve all had “aha!” moments looking back on seasons in our lives that make more sense after the passage of time.  However, when we look ahead to what could be or should be, we tend to see very little, and it can be hard to trust.

Easter reminds us of a critical reality for us.  Jesus can be trusted!  Although he spoke of all He was going to do, the people with him either didn’t catch on, or were not sure how to trust as they looked ahead to the future.  Jesus followed through on his word we can now live life through his trustworthiness and completed work of grace.

In the contrast of moments we face, Easter is a wonderful reminder of the reliability of God in the craziest days of life.  But it is so easy to miss what God is doing, when we are consumed with the unknown challenges of the future.

This Easter, as we continue to sort out these unique days, trusting Jesus is not cliche it is the most stable thing we can do.

What moments feel the most unstable for you right now?

How is God reminding you He can be trusted today?


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