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Our family has moved a few times.

All our moves have been across country.  It’s wild to go through the process of getting into a new area.  And we’ve noticed a few things about ourselves in the journey.

We have found some stages of moving that have been helpful for us as we wrap our minds around new places.  It can be overwhelming and feel very complicated.

Landing Stage – that season when everything is new and the places you were used to are closer, or further.  It’s that adapting to a new setting in the new home, the area, the people, the whole list of new things.

Settling Stage – that time where you’ve got some basics figured out for your new normal, but there is still a lot of questions.  The familiar things we knew become more obvious.  We make a lot of “That’s not around here.” or “The way it works is different now.”  Its that part of life when we accepted our new reality, but its not automatic.

Established Stage – for us, this is when relationships, connections with local services, circles of travel and shopping are getting automatic.  It’s only occasional to miss what we had or think about the way it was.

In this season of upheaval, its like the whole world has moved across country. I wonder if we might be in the Settling Stage.  Just past the awkward landing in the new setting, we’re adapting, but we find it harder as we miss parts of life we used to enjoy in our previous normal.

We have found in our seasons of moving, that we need to keep things as simple as possible.

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to explore some of the simple things we need in this time of upheaval and change

I trust as we continue to find our way in this new setting, the encouragement of our faith in Jesus can continue to help us navigate with the confidence that God can be trusted, and His character and faithfulness are completely trustworthy.

That can bring great stability when settling in unsettling times.