This week has been a mix of news in all ares of life.  

Locally, we are thankful for the good reports of how things have gone in Kingston, and then we are struck with the story that a local care home had a case of COVID-19.  

Nationally we grieve with those who mourn losses in Nova Scotia.  We scratch our heads and are left to wonder “why” people make choices which lead to tragic circumstances.  Yet we are reminded of our gratitude for first responders who run to the danger while many are running away.

In these historic days of ups and downs, although we have adjusted to many changes, the impact of difficult moments still rock our personal and collective worlds.  In the midst of the roller coaster, it is critical for our emotional and spiritual well-being to remember – God is with us.

This statement – God is with us – is one we hear often and maybe without appreciating the strength and depth of this reality.

We think about the name “Emmanuel” at Christmas time.  It really is a part of the nature and character of God to be named “God with us.”  His trustworthy character is reflected in so many amazing stories with people you may know, people who are alive today and many who have trusted God throughout wild and crazy moments in history.

God has proven Himself faithful in days gone by, we can continue to rely on Him in the midst of the changing landscapes.  There are no guarantees that bad things won’t happen even as we follow Jesus, but we can recognize His care and comfort in the midst of the challenges.

Ultimately, that confidence of God’s presence helps us be at peace in chaos.  It’s not the absence of concern. It’s not an arrogance that assumes or presumes on God.  It is rooted in the humble realization of our need of God, and trust Him to guide us in the chaotic details of life.  To trust Him regardless if the details are uncomfortable or enjoyable.

With so many stories to build our anxiety and panic – God is with us.  He knows we need to be reminded of this fact often, and that our lives are healthiest when we rest in His capable hands.  It’s not easy, sometimes we need the simple reminder moment to moment – God is with us.