What are they up to?  That’s a question many parents have asked when children get quiet or disappear around the house. It’s that moment when you’ve been cruising along and then all of a sudden you realize you haven’t heard them in a bit.  Where are they?  What is going on?  Do I need to be concerned?  

It’s the same question I’ve been thinking about lately – about God.

I know He’s present

I know He’s at work

I know He can be trusted

I know He’s in control

But what is He up to?

We’ve all heard the thoughts about the end of the world, or an act of discipline for the world, I can’t speak for those, but I do wonder what good God will bring from these days.

Let me be clear, disease happens!  The Bible is helpful for us to understand that God doesn’t cause all the nasty things that occur in our lives, but nasty things still happen.  In the midst of the nasties – He does help us to see how He can bring good from them.  That’s not to say they will be any easier, but we can remain hopeful.

In some moments when we wondered what our kids were up to, have been times when their creativity is a pleasant surprise. 

Maybe that’s a list worth keeping in this season.  Observations about the good God is bringing in this wild time in our lives.

Where are you looking for what is God up to?