Mothers provide encouragement and support we need to thrive.

That’s a loaded statement.  When we think about Mother’s Day, perhaps all this encouragement and support was present in your home, perhaps not.  In most cases there is someone, or a series of “someones” who have lived this statement in our lives.  They provided the encouragement and support we needed to thrive.

The women who have provided that role model are the ones I look forward to honouring this week.  In my life there are several key individuals who created that environment and allowed me to thrive.  In my case some are not with us any longer, some are far away, and some may be right across the room.  The classic flowers and a meal out may not be as accessible this year, so I’m pondering my approach.  How will you express honour?

At the same time, there are times when a falling out, a challenging history or nasty actions may have created space in the relationship that makes honour really hard.  All of us wrestle with our feelings and a desire to even be kind when we have issues with the very people we are called to honour.

God calls us to express appropriate honour to the people in our lives.  It’s one thing when we want to honour the person.  It’s a different story if we are struggling to even think about them, let alone honour them.  How can we show honour to mothers that have wounded or created conflict?

It’s hard to see in moments like these that the same forgiveness and grace we are delighted to receive, is the grace and forgiveness we are called to give.  There are times for me when it’s a decision to forgive and the feelings come later.  Maybe they never come.  I don’t know what you may be asked to forgive, to release from the obligation people may owe you, but I know it’s something only God can help us do well.

As if COVID-19 didn’t make life challenging enough.  This Mother’s Day may include giving or receiving forgiveness in the midst of the honours.

If you have joy filled honours today, we celebrate with you.

If you have forgiveness filled honours today, we pray with you.