God challenges us to pray for our leaders. This is becoming more challenging all the time as the animosity for leaders in the public sphere seems to continually increase.

In our “instant replay” world, every decision is evaluated and then re-evaluated in a way that is often less than gracious. Most people would never want said about themselves the kinds of things they declare about leaders. If someone’s impression of our lives was completely shaped by what they read about us in mass media, what would we really want them to know about us?

There certainly are times when accountability is needed, however I trust you would consider putting more effort into praying for the leaders that God has allowed to be in place at this time, than taking social media pot shots at them.

There are many moments every week that unfold and make it clear our leaders need prayer. This week has been no exception! These points are not original with me, but if you are looking for a way to grow in this part of following Jesus, here are a few suggestions to get started or continue to develop:

1. Pray for all leaders, regardless of their party policy or stances they hold.

2. Pray that leaders would make decisions that contribute to the peace of all those under their authority.

3. Pray that political authorities who are followers of Jesus would stand firm in their beliefs and convictions.

4. Pray that those leaders who are not followers of Jesus would come to understand the gospel or the positive influence of other followers of Jesus in political positions of influence.

5. Pray that all political leaders would do their work well, and they would come to an understanding that they are in service to God.

6. Pray that political leaders would wisely manage their time between their families and their position.

7. Pray that political leaders would make decisions that allow truth about Jesus to spread under their leadership.

I trust God shapes your heart in prayer as we walk through these very unique days.

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Suggestions Excerpted and Edited from EFC article “Seven Principles of Praying for Political Leaders.”

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