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My Story – January 5 – February 2, 2020

by Rob MacCallum

There are moments in our lives that when we look back we see the turning points.  “When things opened up.” “When the relationship changed.”  “When the tide turned.”  Ultimately we want to live a story worth telling.  That becomes more likely when we make decisions that are in sync with God’s direction for life.  Come […]

taking on the unknown – Sundays Jan14-Feb4

by Rob MacCallum

Work, Family, Relationships, Health – the year ahead has so many unknowns to bring to life.  We want to dive in with confidence, but there really are some times we are just faking it.  Over the next few Sundays we’ll explore some really cool insights God wants to share about the adventures that are part […]

Danger – Low Headroom! Sundays in November 2017

by Rob MacCallum

With a busy Christmas season bearing down on us it’s natural to feel the buzz of the busy-ness. It can be quite a rush for us to zoom around and have hundreds of things on our minds. Our minds are the real battlefield of busy-ness. The many things on our minds, both healthy and unhealthy […]

Simple Truths: July-August 2017

by Rob MacCallum

  Life comes at us fast and Faith can sometimes feel complicated.  There are times when it seems that the teachings of Jesus are hard to understand or put into practice.  Through the summer we’ll investigate a picture of faith and how it works in our lives.  From “Muscle Building” to “Parked Cars” we explore […]

Friend Request?

by Church Staff
Friend Request Series at Kingston Standard Church

You are most welcome to join us Sundays in January for Pastor Rob’s “Friend Request?” series. The service begins at 10:30 am.
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